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German Bundestag Television in Berlin -
Live, without commentary, uncut: professional coverage in images, sound and text

The German Bundestag has installed eight cameras in its plenary chamber in Berlin to provide coverage of plenary debates. In addition, camera equipment is permanently installed in four further conference rooms to allow the broadcasting of public hearings organised by the committees.

Plenary Chamber of the Reichstag building

Distribution of Bundestag Television

Bundestag Television can be received on the Berlin cable network as part of the digital package (862 MHz, Channel 38). As digital television is not yet available across the whole of Berlin, the possibility of receiving digital programmes from private network operators should be investigated where necessary.
Information about the present situation regarding digital coverage can be obtained from the Medienanstalt Berlin Brandenburg - mabb - Ausbaugebiet -.
Bundestag Television can also be received via satellite (Astra 1A). A special satellite receiver is required, as the programme uplink is encrypted. You can purchase a receiver or a complete set of reception equipment from the company T-Systems, Media & Broadcast (
The Bundestag Television programme is broadcast as part of a multiplex via the satellite position mentioned above. The signals from the Bundesrat, the Federal Press Association, together with the video channel of the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government and of the Federal Chancellery are broadcast via this multiplex. As these broadcasts are intended for a restricted group of users, the programmes are encrypted. Click here for further information (in german).
The Federal Office for Information Security is responsible for transmitting these signals.
Professional end users requiring recordings or a direct feed should please contact the German Bundestag, Division PI 4 (e-mail:

Up-to-the-minute information with Teletext

The Bundestag Teletext (Videotext) service provides up-to-the-minute information on the dates and agendas of sittings of the German Bundestag. During debates, Teletext informs viewers of the anticipated duration of the speeches and pending votes.

Live transmission via the Internet

The German Bundestag also broadcasts its plenary debates live on the Internet.
Real G-2 Player

Debates in the plenary are transmitted via Web-TV; in order to follow debates in this way, you need to use RealPlayer.

Listening and watching plenary debates live by telephone or PC

By dialling 0049 - (0)30/22720018 , the proceedings currently underway in the plenary can be listened to via any telephone. The telephone does not require any special technical features. The number of lines available is limited.

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