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Parliament Quarter
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Virtual tour of the Parliament Quarter

Welcome to our tour of the German Parliament buildings. To take part, you will need the free QuickTime Player from Apple..

Site plan of the Parliament Quarter

Here we are looking from the Platz der Republik (Republic Square) towards the west portal of the Reichstag Building. This entrance is used by visitors to the dome and the Bundestag Plenary Chamber. Diagonally opposite and to one side are the new Chancellery and the Paul Löbe Building with its conference rooms and offices for deputies.
Parliament Quarter, Paul Löbe Building, north-west corner Parliament Quarter, Paul Löbe Building, in front of the west entrance Parliament Quarter, Paul Löbe Building, south-west corner Parliament Quarter, River Spree, east bank, Marie-Elisabeth Lüders Building Parliament Quarter, Reichstag Building, north-west side Parliament Quarter, Reichstag river bank/Friedrich-Ebert-Platz Parliament Quarter, Spree Bridge Parliament Quarter, Platz der Republik Parliament Quarter, Friedrich-Ebert-Platz, middle Parliament Quarter, Reichstag Building, south-west side Parliament Quarter, Friedrich-Ebert-Platz, south side Parliament Quarter, corner of Dorotheenstrasse and Wilhelmstrasse Paul Löbe Building, ground floor, west entrance Reichstag, Plenary Chamber floor, visitor entrance west Jakob Kaiser Building, entrance hall

The red dots in the maps are hotspots. Clicking on one of these dots brings up a 360° view from this location. There are also other hotspots in the 360° view above, which you can find by clicking the arrow with the question mark in the control bar below the image. The (-) and (+) buttons let you zoom in and out. To look round the 360° view, click and hold down the left mouse button anywhere in the picture (except on one of the hotspots) and drag the mouse left or right. We hope you enjoy your walk round the Parliament Quarter. And if this virtual tour has whetted your appetite for more, we'd be more than pleased to welcome you in person to the parliament buildings.

Internet Editorial Team of the German Parliament

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